Access Control

Access Control

Ticket Team provides reliable access control systems for clubs, events, museums and (public) buildings.
The configuration of the access control system often depends on the context. During a small festival for example, handheld scanners will be preferred, while in a sports stadium, turnstiles, barriers or revolving doors are desired. Ticket Team provides a custom solution for every location.
The access control software can easily be expanded with our other software modules and can be applied with a (combination) of the following hardware solutions:


Barcode scanner

The 2D wireless barcode scanner reads barcodes and QR codes on tickets, passes, paper and the screen of mobile devices. The antenna for the bar code scanner can be placed in an network or connected to a laptop. The barcode scanner can therefore be used on all terrains.
The 2D cordless barcode scanner is used by our clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Greece and Turkey for access control to museums, sports stadiums and temporary events.


From vandal-proof for a football stadium to stylish glass in a museum, entrance gates can be supplied in all kinds of forms and sizes.
Ticket Team gateways do not only provide access, it is also possible to record data on visitors, for example by taking a picture when access has been granted.


Mobile access control

With the access control app for iOS, “XSMobile”, access control can be deployed over the internet without any investment required for power, network, or Internet access points.


Wondering what Ticket Team access control systems can do for your organization? Contact our salesteam.