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From ticket sales to access control, we have a solution for every club that fits the venue and audience. For a safe and welcoming reception with personalized season tickets. Both for local clubs and the premier league. Want to analyze your club’s sales and access? We would be happy to visit with you to see how things can be improved.

Depending on your location or event, we can provide a suitable access control system, whether temporary or permanent. We strive to meet your safety requirements without slowing down the flow.

Our advanced XSControl software enables seamless integration of different access control points. Whether it’s tickets sold through the POS system, online platforms or reservation systems, our solution ensures that each ticket is scanned only once, preventing double entry. In addition, we offer real-time monitoring of scanned tickets for insight into
visitor numbers and sales.

Customized solution

Our access solutions are flexible and fit any location and situation, from stadiums to festivals. We offer a range of options, from turnstiles to handheld scanners, that combine security with hospitality.

Our scanning cabinets are designed for efficiency and ease of use, with features such as barcode readers, displays and RFID readers to quickly process different types of admission tickets and minimize queues.

If necessary, we also offer customized advice for selecting the right access control solution for your specific needs. Feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment for an on-site consultation.

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