POS Systems

POS Systems

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In the Ticket Team’s POS (Point Of Sale) system you register easily both visitors and sales. The POS software is running online, which makes it possible to request journal entries and revenue reports at any time. In addition to the sale of entrance tickets, our POS system enables you to follow easily the stock records of your shop or catering. Also for musea, monthly records can be produced, authorized by the Museumkaart Foundation, which calculate for you the Foundation’s compensations.

In addition to the regular payment system (cash, pin, credit card, chip) our software supports closed payment systems. Payment cards (RFID or barcode) can be upgraded at the box office, online or in the back office system.

The back office system includes all that is relevant for cash sales and ticketing such as a clear inventory module, a comprehensive set of reports and a vendor information section. If you work with professional accounting software, it is possible to link it to the payment system.


Vending Machines

Using Ticket Team’s automatic vending machine (AVM) visitors can quickly and easily buy a ticket. AVM offers many advantages: rows at the POS are limited, visitors can use a museum card or discount card and online reservations can be collected. When you offer guided tours, they can also be booked by the visitor at the AVM. Ticket Team software then provides a planning in proportion to the number of interested parties.

Closed Payment System

In addition to an open payment system (pin, cash, credit card), it is possible to choose for a closed payment system. This means that you can emit personalized cards, which can be upgraded in different ways by your customers, visitors or members. You can think of direct debit, an upgrade module at the cash register, or upgrading through an automatic vending machine.Many of our customers preceded you. Several amateur soccer clubs use membership cards to pay for refreshments. Museum Friends get free access to exhibitions. VIP cards of professional soccer clubs give access to the VIP platform.
Because the cards are linked to your relations file you understand the frequency of visits and the type of payments of your members and customers. Also for your visitors a closed payment is an outcome because of a shorter queue at the POS and a safe way of paying; a closed payment system ensures that your customers or visitors do not need to have cash in their pockets.

The passes can be provided either with a barcode or with a RFID chip, depending on your preference. As regards the design, possibilities are virtually unlimited. We supply both standard and blank cards completely printed in your corporate design.


Mobile System

In addition to the standard Touch Screen POS-PC, our software can also be used on different mobile devices, like an iPad/iPhone, Android tablet/phone or Windows tablet/phone. A mobile POS system is more flexible and can be employed in the catering industry or at events of a temporary nature.

POS Systeem

Our POS software comes with a Touch Screen POS PC, which can be connected to various hardware components such as payment terminals, ticket printers and mobile scanners.


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